Speech/Language Service Summary (Alberta Health Services)

Below  are the  links to the major Speech and Language related services in Alberta.

If your child is younger than five years old (preschool) then you should contact Central Intake and have an assessment done by the Speech Language Pathologist at your local Public Health.  For any child who is in School (ie Kg, five years and up) then the assessment needs to be initiated by the school, make sure you speak to the school teacher who will initiate services which will utilize services from Alberta Health Services via the School system.  To ensure appropriate services for your school aged child, have the school teacher understand the severity of the condition and ensure the proper Speech/Language and other services are brought to school for your child.  This is initiated by you, the parent, communicating the concerns with the school teacher.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) , Edmonton & Area Preschool Speech & Language Services Central Intake

AHS Speech and Language Services, Inform Alberta

AHS Early Intervention Program

Children’s Rehabilitation Services

Glenrose 1-2-3 Go! EIP

Preschool Assessment Services (Glenrose)

Preschool Learning And Intervention Program (PLAI)

Division of Developmental Pediatrics, University of Alberta



ASAPP Private Practitioners (Speech-Language Pathologists)

IStar Communication Improvement Program


If your child has suspected or confirmed Childhood Apraxia of  Speech, be sure to indicate this so as to obtain appropriate services in school.

Motor Speech Treatment delivery is done on an individualized basis from different referral points.  Speak to your AHS or School Speech Language Pathologist, Family Physician or Paediatrician for appropriate referral.