Facebook Support Groups


Knowing that there are other parents that share similar concerns as yourself can be reassuring, and can take the burden of isolation and uncertainty off of you. Here are some great Facebook groups to help you connect with other parents that have been through similar struggles and experiences.  Being a part of a Facebook group is a great way of sharing information and ideas and providing peer support.

Apraxia Network of Canada: Facebook page – Apraxia Network of Canada

Closed Groups: Apraxia Kids Canada


Facebook Group: Edmonton and Area Children with Apraxia/Dyspraxia/DCD Support Group

Contact: Natasha Baker

Email: tenah05@gmail.com


British Columbia:

Facebook Group: BC Parents of Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Contact: Claire Arnold

Email: clairet99@hotmail.com



Facebook Group: https: Ottawa Parents of Children with Apraxia

Contact: Robin McMillan

Email: ottawa.apraxia@gmail.com

Other : Ontario Professional and Parent Educational Network For Childhood Apraxia of Speech (OPPEN CAS)