The Childhood Apraxia Society of Edmonton (CASE)




  • We see a community in which  children with Suspected or Confirmed Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)/ Severe Expressive Language Delay will have easy access to the early diagnosis of their speech disorder. Where kids with CAS  will have access to  appropriate motor speech therapy at the optimal intensity, frequency and duration. A Community in which those involved in the Health Care and Education of Children with Apraxia recognize and understand the needs of these children.   Where kids with CAS  will be able to  communicate effectively and succeed academically, socially and emotionally.


Mission Statement 

The Childhood Apraxia Society of Edmonton (CASE) is the initiative of a group of Parents and Professionals who care about Children with Apraxia.

  • Advocate – With Stakeholders across all Provincial Departments that provide speech therapy to children with special needs, to ensure the appropriate services are in place for Children with Apraxia.
  • Communicate – Provide support through grants to families who have exhausted all streams of funding where children are still requiring further therapy and who cannot, in order to enable them to communicate effectively.
  • Educate – Parents, The Public, Educators and all involved in the care of Children with Apraxia, and raise awareness of this speech disorder and the challenges that surround families who have a child or children with Apraxia.